Bricklayers still desperately in Demand – HIA September Quarter Trades Report

In the HIA’S Quarterly Trades Report, we weren’t too surprised that in the majority of capital cities Bricklaying is still the most in-demand trade. Overall, the availability of trades “improved moderately, however, the availability of trades workers “remains constrained” relative to a year ago.

Across the country, all capital cities but Perth remained in the shortage of trades workers. Perth showed numbers at the opposite end of the scale, showing “excess availability” of trades workers. The shortage was most visible in Sydney, followed by Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Work Ready Programs – Working towards a higher skilled Bricklaying workforce

Bricklaying showed relatively weak numbers in terms of trade people, continuing its 21 consecutive quarter shortage across Australia. Although showing positive numbers relative to the previous quarter, there is still room for further improvement. Here at Become a Bricklayer, that improvement is our job. We’re doing that with our Work Ready Programs and our Jobs Board, ensuring a skilled Bricklaying workforce for the future.

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  1. Joseph Romano

    How can I become a bricklayer? I checked and my community college doesn’t have the certification program.


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