Bricklaying Apprenticeship Facebook page attracts a big fan base

facebook-logoWe felt it’s high time to mention that the Become-a-Bricklayer national facebook page now has nearly 6000 fans following and contributing to discussions about joining the trade.

It’s no surprise that we’re attracting a lot more comment on activities on the facebook page than we do here at the blog, though we welcome your feedback on both, so don’t be shy.

Your feedback on the website and on the Facebook page are valuable to us in letting us know what you want and need to see covered by us, about taking on an apprenticeship.  We’d also like to know how you’re tracking with the apprenticeship – is it like you expected, what are the high’s and low’s and what else can we do to contribute to your success?

Working through your apprenticeship, like any career commitment, does have some great times and challenges and facebook is a place to share both and get reactions from more experienced apprentices and advice from the team at ABBTF (the Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation) which puts together the Become-a-Bricklayer website and facebook page.

Facebook also allows us to have a bit of fun, picking up on some of the weird and wonderful social news that we think might interest you.

One of our most ‘Liked’ posts of recent months was when Cathy Ballenger of Botany NSW won the amateur US World’s Best Bricklayer Competition’. Other very popular posts have been on regional WorldSkills winners and bricklayers competing in international events.   This year we’ll also post on the other major national event for apprentice bricklayers, the bi-annual Golden Trowel, sponsored by ABBTF, as well as whatever hits the news in the industry

So, get on board, become a ‘fan’ and as they say ‘Like Us’ on facebook!


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