Bricklaying lifestyle aids Aussie Test Cricketer, Tasmanian Ben Hilfenhaus

It’s often said that excellence in hand-eye co-ordination makes a good bricklayer and a good sportsman and there’s no better example of this than Ben Hifenhaus!

Contributing in no small part to the Indian 3rd test loss in Perth last week, was the tenacious performance of in-form bowler Ben Hilfenhaus (Hilfy or Gentle Ben to his mates).

With shoulders the size of a small family car and accuracy of a scud missile, his form as a right hand fast-medium bowler has proved devastating this summer.

From all reports Ben is a non egotistical and uncomplicated sportsman, something of a rarity these days in sport at this level. Ben epitomises the type of bowler any cricket captain would yearn for with his head down arse up attitude!

What few people know however is that prior to entering the cricketing world stage he was a humble bricklayer, honing his trade in Ulverstone Tasmania.

These days instead of building walls he is smashing through the “Indian Wall”, taking 4 for 43 in 18 overs in the 1st innings and 4 for 54 in 18 overs in the second in the Perth test.

Bouncing back from an injury that almost finished his career last year, this gutsy Aussie bowler should be around long enough to help win back the ashes next year.

I cannot help thinking that his time as a bricklayer not only helped to condition Ben physically but also helped him to push through the pain barrier working in the hot Australian sun.  Apparently he is a tidy golfer as well boasting an eight handicap!

Ben has a real ‘can-do’ attitude that we see in bricklayers all over the country.  It’s great to see another past bricklayer do so well in Aussie sport!

Dean Pearson
WA State Manager, ABBTF


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