Bricklaying on Show at WA Careers Expos


If you are considering a career in the construction industry now is the time to contact ABBTF as demand for bricklaying apprentices throughout WA is extremely high and supply is low!

This means, that if you try bricklaying and like it (can be done through Try-a-Trade at a Careers Expo for example) and undertake relevant pre vocational training, you are likely to be quickly placed by ABBTF into industry.


For further details on how to participate in a bricklaying Try-a-Trade, attend a career expo or get more information on how to embark on your career in the construction industry through bricklaying contact the ABBTF on 1300 66 44 96, email

Careers Expos are an important medium for businesses to showcase their trade and industry to prospective career seekers from Year 9 to Year 12 high school students.  In its role of promoting Bricklaying Apprenticeships, in the course of a typical year ABBTF will attend around 20 careers expos in WA.

Some of these expos are school based where local students and parents are invited by the school to speak to industry about opportunities within their district.  Others are community based expos such as the Kalamunda Career Expo which invites students, parents and the public from a particular region and there are the bigger expos such as Skills West Expo.

The Skills West Expo which was held at the Perth Convention Centre is a major event in terms of throughput of students, parents, teachers, industry and the general public.  Attendance can top as many as 12,000 people through in as little as three days.

At this expo and many others, ABBTF provides information about construction careers commencing with bricklaying, where to go for training, what course options are available, contact details of employers looking for apprentices and much, much more.


We also generally run a well coordinated bricklaying Try-a-Trade with the assistance of leading employer groups such as ABN training and training colleges such as Challenger TAFE to provide a hands-on experience with bricks.

Valuable information is also available on our website

Dean Pearson
ABBTF WA Manager

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