Bricklaying Remains on Skills Shortage List

Laying a Brick ImageThe shortage of skilled bricklayers in Australia has been confirmed by the recent decision of the Federal Department of Education and Training to have bricklaying remain on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) for the 2016-2017 year.

The annual review of the SOL takes into account the labour market prospects of skilled migrants along with domestic training and labour market outcomes. It invites submissions and conducts consultations with a wide range of stakeholders including ABBTF.

The Skilled Occupations List enables overseas based skilled bricklayers to apply for General Skilled Migration Visas. These Permanent Visa applications can be made independently (Subclass 189) or the application can be sponsored by an Australian employer (Subclass 190). ABBTF maintains information on the Skilled Occupations List at Migrating to Australia on the website.


Geoff Noble

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  1. Eason

    I’m a international student who is currently studying in certificate 3 of bricklaying. I would like to know the migration options for me after I finish this course and what are the conditions ?

  2. Brenton white

    This is not helping the industry, I’ve been laying bricks for twelve years in this time houses have changed a lot there’s less expected laid bricks per day per bricklayer in the houses and more unskilled bricklayers getting the jobs and making a brothel off them, The price per brick is less than what it was twelve years ago, I have no option but to look towards a registered trade , As society has forgotten about the art off laying bricks , Nobody has it 100% naturally it requires a lot off training like any registered trade , roof tilers guarantee for 50 years so can we.
    Kind regards Brenton white

    • BAB

      Hi Brenton, Yes, I acknowledge your comments. There are difficulties in the industry, however, we are doing as much as we can to promote the trade and encourage best practice and achieve respect for the quality and the skills that bricklayers bring to construction. The recent decision to keep bricklaying on the Skilled Occupations List enables only fully qualified skilled bricklayers to apply for permanent visas and in the past this small number have proven to be excellent tradesmen and employers of apprentices. The skills shortage decision also leads to Government support for the trade in various forms, either assisting employers or apprentices. Geoff Noble, ABBTF CEO.

      • Rob eva

        Hi babs can you explain with a bit of detail what your doing to promote the trade? As Iam in the western districts of Victoria and have not seen any one from the abbtf ever


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