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At this time of year a lot of discussions around the kitchen table are about ‘What happens now that school has finished?’  Some students as young as at Year 10 level decide schools no longer for them, and many Year 11 and 12 students move out of the secondary system, often uncertain about their next step to joining the workforce and setting out on a career.

Research tells us that over half our apprentices come into bricklaying on the advice of someone close to them, family or friends or through knowing a bricklayer.  These recommendations come from people who care and have the best interests of the apprentice at heart.  However, there are many more parents who want the best for their kids, but unfortunately they’re still hanging on to old myths about our trade – that it’s too physically hard, dirty or for dummies, no career development, etc., – all of which are just plain and simply not true.

Hence, we’re reaching out to mum’s in our advertising with the release of ATAR school results in each State and asking them to consider the Opportunities for their sons and daughters.  We’re making them aware that people ‘in the know’, have no doubt that bricklaying is a good choice for the right person with ambition – someone, male or female, who loves working with their hands, who loves the outdoors and who wants to learn.

Troy Everett, WorldSkills International Chief Expert – Bricklaying and Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador, applauds the campaign, saying “Great post (Facebook/ABBTF all States) – we need more mums, dads and career advisors pointing kids to the great career options available in the trades”.

On Facebook we’re reaching out to mum’s with our ‘Because You Care’ campaign, in geographic areas Australia-wide that are generally the sources of bricklaying apprentices.  In addition, the popular ABBTF State Facebook pages and Become-a-Bricklayer Facebook page will run a mid- January 2016 campaign targeting young people interested in a 2016 apprenticeship.   At that time, we’ll also have one of our existing mum’s of an apprentice, speaking on video about her opinions of her son’s experience in bricklaying, again targeting mums to take a look at bricklaying.


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