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Karate and Bricklaying are Natural Partners


Noel Peters of Sandy Bay, Tasmania has been a bricklayer who has practised Karate for forty years. He is now the highest ranked Tasmanian in IGK Karate, a ‘Kyoshi’. He told Melanie Tait of ABC Radio that he came to karate originally to learn how to fight, but forty years on it’s become an integral part of his Zen lifestyle, bleeding into all parts of his life.


Is Bad Weather a Paid or Unpaid Stand Down?

Is Bad Weather a Paid or Unpaid Stand Down?

Employers would be aware that the Modern Award under which Bricklayers and Apprentices are paid is the Building and Construction Award [MA000020]. For the purpose of clarifying what is ‘fair work’, the Award defines bad weather that might result in the need for a stand down as ‘Inclement weather’. Such weather nearly always necessitates a paid stand down…


Brickies Can Handle the Heat

Recently we have experienced the true meaning of the term ‘Melbourne Weather’. The extreme temperatures that we have experienced randomly were made all the more uncomfortable as we went from one extreme to another to such a degree that the heat took many by surprise.

Normally this time of year we get the chance to ease into the warmer weather however many bricklayers told me they were caught out by the recent surge of heat because of all the unusual cold conditions we have been experiencing.


Get up to Scratch on Bricklayer Apprentice Workplace Entitlements and Pay

Fairwork Quiz Alternative Logo

A really ingenious information tool was developed and launched last month by the Fair Work Ombudsman, designed to ensure both employers and apprentices know their rights and obligations to each other. It’s called Workplace Basics and it’s a quiz, broken into seven areas or modules, all up covering the vast majority of questions relating to workplace Award wage rates and conditions.

While it’s not only for Bricklaying, most of the issues are directly relevant, and you choose the modules you want to run through. Besides the quiz, Fair Work offers a lot more in-depth information at their website should you need it.


ABBTF Sun Smart Alert to Bricklayers

ABBTF Sunscreen

With a forecast for an extremely hot and long summer, I’d like to remind bricklayers and apprentices of the need to cover up and use sunscreen while on the job, to protect you from skin cancer.

Already we have experienced unseasonal very high temperatures during the month of November.

I encourage all bricklayers to wear a hat, available from your ABBTF State Office if you wish, and to apply the new ABBTF 30+ sunscreen to avoid damage from the sun’s rays.


If Music Be the Food of Brickies…

The picture above is of a performing arts school in Sydney where the design of the brickwork replicates a music sound wave.

Brickies can only look at this work and wonder what radio station they were on when they built that? I must say I like it. Bricklaying is a trade where you can listen to music all day. Usually the apprentice gets no say in what is listened to on site though, as’ what the boss says’, goes!


Masonry Wall Safety during Construction

Some important points for young apprentices and reminders for experienced bricklayers.

During construction work, masonry walls (brick and block) can fail due to side loads on the walls, the rate of construction, inadequate foundations or adjacent excavations. Side loads can include wind, inadvertent impact with the walls or leaning materials against them. Such failures can result in serious injuries or fatalities.


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