Engagement options in slow times


Engagement options in slow times

As we all know WA is currently experiencing a period of economic slowdown.  As a result, some employers and hosts are not in a position to offer a 3 or 4 year apprenticeship term until the market changes.

skill hire logoHowever, one option in WA, especially useful for Bricklaying, is to look at taking on a “Trainee” through a reputable Group Training Organisation (GTO) such as Skill Hire, which has embarked on enhancing this option in recent times.

The Trainee engages in an Certificate II in Construction (CPC20112) under a Training Contract of twelve months, usually provided upfront, making them “Ready to Go” for onsite engagement.

Trainees are paid during the 12 month period, with the tradesman hosting for around 38 weeks and only being invoiced for actual hours on site.

The big attraction for the Host Trainer (Tradesman) is that the Trainee wage is lower than the bricklaying Apprenticeship Wage and thus the charge-out rate tends to be less.  The Construction Training Fund also provides a subsidy to the GTO to further reduce the charge out rate.

In addition if the Trainee proves worthy and the Host secures work beyond the training contract, the Trainee can transfer into an apprenticeship under the guidance of the GTO.  This means less cost and less risk for the tradesman and the trainee gets a chance to undertake the Apprenticeship, where he/she may not have done previously.

All of the benefits of engaging a young or mature-aged person through a GTO apply here in terms of Worker Compensation, Structured Training, Administration Costs, Correct Wages, and Field Officer Support.

Furthermore, this type of engagement can strengthen the Apprenticeship Pathway in difficult times!  The full range of WA Apprenticeship incentives and other information can be found at our ABBTF website.

For more details please contact ABBTF on 1300 66 44 96 or e-mail me at Dean Pearson on dean.pearson@abbtf.com.au

Dean Pearson
ABBTF WA Manager

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