Female Bricklayers Prove to be Inspirational

Female Apprenticeships

Successful Women in The Bricklaying Industry Prove to be Inspirational

A recent decision to provide an added financial incentive for bricklaying employers to take on female apprentices has focused our minds on some of the great women currently in our trade.  As a result, we’ve collected and published just a few examples that reflect the wide diversity of experience and career development existing in the current crop of women in bricklaying.

Many readers of our blog may be surprised that there are many very successful women in the trade.  Some women have come to the trade by following in the footsteps of their family, others new to bricklaying recognise it as an opportunity to pursue a career in construction that means working outdoors, committed to fitness and wellbeing, working with their hands, and they clearly recognise that it’s a trade that opens doors to much advancement.

Female Apprentice Bricklaying Video Testimonial

We’re very grateful to Tori Lea from Western Australia who spent time with us to create a video on her apprenticeship experience and how and why a bricklaying qualification became a reality.  She’s quite clear about it: any female with the interest, talent and drive can do a bricklaying apprenticeship.  You’ll see from the VIDEO it’s not about size and weight!

We also feature nine other inspiring women and provide a short background on their pathway to bricklaying with some suggestions for females considering the trade.  It’s no surprise that the reasons why young women want to become a bricklayer are no different to what males are seeking.  Bricklaying provides Freedom like no other trade – view our Top Ten Reasons why bricklaying could be for you.

We showcase women who run their own businesses like Renee Howie and Danealle Geddes.  We have award winners for outstanding skills like Emma Burgess.  There are trailblazers like Gemma Blakemore and Stacey Rimene who’ve worked hard and developed very successful construction careers from their start in this trade.  There are many more HERE and more not able to be featured, who we know have completed or are benefiting from their bricklaying apprenticeship training.

Congratulations to all female bricklayers for not being trapped by society’s norms in relation to female career gender stereotypes and for having the courage to pursue your own goals.  If you’re reading this and would like to know more about the apprenticeship, complete our Information Form at this website.

Geoff Noble

4 Responses to “Female Bricklayers Prove to be Inspirational”

  1. Radmila Desic

    Congratulations to ABBTF on a great article, it is so good to see genuine support and celebration for the contribution and achievement of women in bricklaying. I personally know Stacey and understand the challenges she has faced and I admire her for continuing to support other women looking to get into a trade based career. Thanks ABBTF team for championing such an important aspect of progress for our industry.

  2. bradley f

    It’s great to see some females in the trade. Since i was an apprentice i always wanted the oppertunity to work with a female trades person. Now i have been running my business for a few years and with the recognition of females in the trade, it might bring out some others to have a go. Good work.


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