Finding Your Career Pathway Just Became a Bit Easier

Australian Apprenticeship Pathways has developed a helpful quiz called Career Interest Explorer to help students starting out on the journey of selecting a career path. It’s really simple, it’s private (no names required), it takes about 5 minutes and can be redone if you want. It all happens by choosing a point along a scale for the various questions!

It helps you identify your interests and the strength of your interests by asking you to choose across a scale of ‘very interested’ to ‘not at all interested’, within 7 kinds of work environment (one of which is ‘Practical or Manual Work’). It then identifies trades and apprenticeships you could consider and the career path it can take you along. You can go straight to the Quiz Here or see it explained in the video above.

The Australian Apprenticeship Pathways has also made a short video on each trade, from the view of an apprentice, like this one on Bricklaying, presented by apprentice Ben

Choosing your career direction is one of the most challenging things you’ll do as a student, so tools like this quiz are valuable. ABBTF recognises this and offers programs to introduce you to Bricklaying and its career path, to give you an understanding of the trade before you commit. These are programs like Step Out in schools and “Work Ready” (a one week free course offered in the Eastern States) and in addition there are Pre-App courses offered by many TAFE’s and RTO’s.

Check out our information on the Bricklaying Apprenticeship and Career Suitability and give us a call on 1300 30 44 77 if you’d like to consider Bricklaying.


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