First impressions really DO count …

edited imageIn a recent article in the UK Daily Mail on employers making decisions about job applicants, this headline reinforced a vital but often overlooked aspect of how to succeed. According to the article, interviewers on average, take just 385 seconds to decide if the candidate is right for the role!

ABBTF finds, when evaluating Bricklaying Apprenticeship applications, in some cases it can be even quicker.  Something as simple as a bad email address that might be rude or have an offensive connotation to it can have a candidate dismissed before their CV/Resume is even read, let alone being considered for attending an interview.

ABBTF often counsels bricklaying apprenticeship candidates that even before they get to an interview with a prospective bricklayer sub-contractor, or a builder, they should think carefully about their email address before they provide it.  Furthermore, they should check and recheck their Resume/CV for things like spelling mistakes and check that it reflects the position they are seeking. Nothing is worse than receiving a resume or covering letter for an apprenticeship position, just to read that the applicant says he wants to be a baker or shows they really aren’t interested in this industry.  Think about whether Bricklaying will suit you and include this in your Resume.  Read a lot about the trade before you formulate the letter.

These small tips can often be the difference between getting that interview or not even getting a call back.

When a candidate combines these tips along with an ABBTF Work Ready Program (WRP) it is a proven ingredient to a successful outcome.

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Tony Bishop
ABBTF Queensland Manager

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