For Andrew Hosking, creative brickwork is a Tool of the Trade!

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After 30 years in the industry, Gympie bricklayer Andrew Hosking still enjoys his work and keeps finding new ways of being creative with bricks. While he’s kept pretty busy bricking up new houses and working on the occasional commercial job, he is also gaining a reputation for creating and implementing innovative designs for unusual projects.

Last year he created a commemorative wall at the Gympie State High School, 160km north of Brisbane, for their centenary celebrations.  Andrew used 100 year old bricks to spell out the school’s initials in one section and a complex pattern with 400 stamped fundraising bricks in the other. This project made headlines in the Caboolture Times on 10 December 2013 and featured a photo of Andrew and a portion of his historical wall.

Andrew is now laying the last few bricks on his latest artistic creation, a 100m wall for a landscaping project that he has designed in a curved shape to resemble waves. As soon as that job is finished he’ll be submitting his drawings to another local organisation that has approached him for ideas on a new brickwork project.  It seems like his work is doing the advertising for him!

“I like thinkAndrew Hosking Blog Pic 2ing outside the box and creating unique designs in brick so it’s been great to be getting so many opportunities lately from people who are looking for something a little different,” Andrew said.

When asked how the industry is going in his area, Andrew said he was surprised at the amount of activity in the Gympie region during 2013, and that 2014 is also shaping up to be a busy year for brick and blocklayers.

That’s good news for the industry and especially for young people looking to become apprentices. It’s a great time for employers to consider putting on an apprentice and guys like Andrew are a positive role model for young people. He’s a highly skilled tradesman who is living proof that brick and blocklaying can be a life-long career that provides opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Tony Bishop,
ABBTF Queensland Manager


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