Get up to Scratch on Bricklayer Apprentice Workplace Entitlements and Pay

BAB-PageBanner-FAA really ingenious information tool was developed and launched last month by the Fair Work Ombudsman, designed to ensure both employers and apprentices know their rights and obligations to each other.  It’s called Workplace Basics and it’s a quiz, broken into seven areas or modules, all up covering the vast majority of questions relating to workplace Award wage rates and conditions.  While it’s not only for Bricklaying, most of the issues are directly relevant, and you choose the modules you want to run through.  Besides the quiz, Fair Work offers a lot more in-depth information at their website should you need it.

It’s designed as a quiz because it sets up a relevant situation, say in the module on ‘Leave’ which has 14 questions and takes about 15 mins where you choose to either run through all questions, or just keep going ‘til you find the one you’re after.

For example, a question in this module is “James decided in October to close his business over the Christmas-New Year period.  What does this mean for his fulltime and part time employees?  You’re invited to select 2 of 3 possible answers, and then immediately it says and explains whether you’re right, wrong or part right.

Sure you might have to go through a few questions before you get the one you’re really looking for, but it’s an excellent way to improve your knowledge quickly about a subject which is very important to you – the workplace rights and obligations which both employer/host and apprentice and employee have.

It tallies your score at the end of a module!  It’s even got a Certificate and a feedback section if you’d like to make it a challenge for the team, say, onsite or at your RTO.

We value it highly, so ABBTF has devoted a page to promoting it on our two websites, for Employers and Apprentices.  Our sincere congratulations and thanks go to Fair Work for their creativity and commitment to ensuring that the Modern Award and workplace responsibilities are clear and every opportunity exists to understand them.  Bricklayer apprentice pay rates are also shown Here and at our Employer’s website.


Geoff Noble

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