Give WorldSkills a Crack. There’s Everything to Win and Nothing to Lose

WorldSkills WA 2017

It’s that time of year again when bricklaying apprentices keen to challenge themselves, step up to the plate and get their entry in for the Regional WorldSkills Australia competition.  Whether you’re in your first or last year of the apprenticeship, or anywhere in between, here’s your opportunity to test your skills for your own sake and against bricklaying apprentice competitors in the trade.  Year 1 VET bricklaying students are also eligible to have a crack at the Regionals.

By taking part, the WorldSkills Australia Regional Competition gives you a chance to stand out and be noticed by your employer and future employers.  You may not think it, but participation says a lot about you: it shows you’re interested in your own skills development, you’re someone prepared to take on a challenge, not afraid to be measured and are keen to progress and be seen. In all trades and fields of work, it’s important to show on your resume, as you progress, that you’ve taken up opportunities presented to you over the course of your formal training and even afterwards as your career develops.

It’s not about necessarily winning at WorldSkills, but it’s about the experience you’ll have:   making the effort to go the extra mile with your training preparation and then participating in the competition.  If you do win and you’re an apprentice, you can go on to compete for the National title in 2018 against winners from other Australian regions, usually 12 or so.  The Regionals will take place across the country during 2017 and you’ll be supported locally by ABBTF, TAFE/RTO and WorldSkills to help prepare you for the event in your Region.

I genuinely hope all brick and blocklaying apprentices consider this opportunity at some stage of the Apprenticeship.  For a background on the event, review the WorldSkills Australia page at this Become-a-Bricklayer website and search our many WorldSkills BlogsContact your ABBTF State Office Field Representative, letting them know you want to discuss Regional participation.  We’ll be ready to answer any and all questions you have.  You can also discuss it with your TAFE/RTO teacher and visit WorldSkills Australia.

You’ll need the approval of your boss (or if doing VET, your trainer) as there’s some time involved in training and participating in the event, but not a lot.  There’s a form to complete as well and right now, I’m attaching the WA ones but each State version is available from your State ABBTF office, just let us know, at the above Contacts.

Come on, give it a crack!  Who knows, you may be Australia’s next international bricklaying representative, like Trystan Sammut who is in line for this competition in Abu Dhabi in October, pending his selection at the 2017 Global Skills Challenge in July.

Conrad Yeeles Ethan Warner Nikolas Forster

Dean Pearson

ABBTF WA Manager

WA Apprentice Application Form

WA VET Student Application Form

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