Good, you want to know what to expect in bricklaying?


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We’re a trades training organisation that is constantly being asked about the best way for a keen youngster to become a bricklayer, and we believe we have the answer.

We always recommend a 10-12 week pre-apprenticeship course.  It gives you a great idea as to what to expect in the trade.

Our focus at Holden Hill’s SA FCTA- Building Careers,  is on developing practical skills.  Some students who come to us are seriously worried about being placed in a classroom most the day – instead of outside, really doing things.  Well, that’s not a problem here!

Right from day 1 you’re learning to lay bricks. We’re 2 days into our latest pre-apprenticeship course, and as you can see, the students are already being shown the basics and getting their hands dirty!

There are similar pre-apprenticeship courses around Australia, and the Become a Bricklayer website will explain this.  Here in SA, the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) funds this course, with a view to having students better prepared and ready to start laying bricks as soon as they secure an apprenticeship. This gives them a real edge over others who haven’t had this early experience.

FCTA is a training organisation (it stands for Flexible Construction & Training Assessment) and it’s called ‘flexible’ because we have a very flexible attitude to training for both students and employers!  Check us out.

Lorraine Baff,
Director, FCTA SA.


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