Great Bricklaying Apprenticeship Numbers Coming Out of Queensland


You might have noticed in our Brickies Blog or in the ABBTF 2015-16 Annual Report that the number of bricklaying apprentices was at a 5 year high this year. Well I’m pleased to report that the Queensland industry did its part and is going from strength to strength in the back end of this calendar year.

The data is showing us that sign ups in the first half of calendar 2016-17 have nearly equalled the whole of 2015-16 and given that year was significantly up on the previous year (+34%) the number of apprentices in Qld is looking healthy. The other pleasing aspects are that cancellations of apprenticeships are down and completions are up!

It’s very satisfying to see that employers who have never had an apprentice before are now taking on apprentices and employers of current apprentices are taking on more apprentices. The latter group are especially keen to take on a second apprentice from our very successful Work Ready Program (WRP). Knowing these starters are ‘work-ready’, with a basic understanding of the trade and have been assessed by ABBTF’s trainers and team counts for a lot.

We’re continuously looking at innovative ways to identify and attract new quality candidates into the industry and along with WRP we now run Bricklaying Master Classes at Ipswich, Marsden and Corinda High schools. Students doing Certificate 1 in Construction complete a day of “Try-a-Trade” and from there the most suitable students undertake a one week bricklaying project in the school before going out into industry for work experience.

So yes, the commencement results look good for Queensland moving forward. However, the hard work really only begins when a suitable apprentice is placed with the right employer and commences the journey in the apprenticeship. The challenge then is to monitor their training and development progress, supporting both the apprentice and the employer to maximise the success rate. Our aim is to see supported bricklaying apprentices become qualified and get their careers truly underway, thriving in their job and doing their own part to build a quality bricklaying trade in Queensland. (Check out What’s Involved? and Getting Started help areas at ABBTF’s website).

If you’re an employer who wants to find out more on how easy it is to put on an apprentice, call the ABBTF today on 1300 66 44 96 and visit our Qld website explaining the $7000 incentives to help support the process. If you want to find out more information on becoming an apprentice view our Video on the Top 10 Reasons and You’re in Demand here at this website.


Tony Bishop
Qld ABBTF Manager


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