Hot News: Help Announced to Start Your Own Business Early

Geoff Noble Captioned1As part of next year’s budget, the Federal Government recently announced grants to help young apprentices starting their own business within two years of finishing an apprenticeship.

These are grants specifically to help in business skills training and mentoring support.

Up to $5000 is available to the apprentice and just 500 people nationally, will be assisted in 2012-13, so waste no time on following up on this, if you’re interested.

1,000 people each year from 2013 14 will be able to take this up, til June 2016.

Many young bricklayers freshly qualified want to launch out on their own soon after completing the apprenticeship but it goes without saying that having the business skills and some experienced advisors is crucial.

This $5000 incentive to invest in such support would be an excellent way to help improve your likelihood of success in business.   Young qualified bricklaying businesses are usually the ones quick to take on apprentices themselves so we say, go for it!

The best place to start to enquire on how to access the funding would be Australian Business Grants on 1800 785 972 or email

Failing that, call us and we’ll assist.

Geoff Noble,
General Manager, ABBTF

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