How Far Would You Go For An Apprenticeship?

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Back in late September 2014 ABBTF Queensland ran another successful bricklaying work-ready course in the Toowoomba region for the local bricklayers seeking a suitable apprentice.

Before the program began we had an enquiry from a young guy living in Longreach. When I spoke with him regarding the location of the course and the area where the opportunities were he said “I’ll be there”.

With support from his local employment consultant and a two day drive, Josh was the first candidate to arrive on day one. With a background in farming and drilling Josh was no stranger to working outdoors in the varied Queensland weather so Toowoomba was no threat.

From day one Josh picked up the basic skills pretty quickly and by the end of the program he could easily lay an acceptable amount of good face bricks. Josh took pride in his work and liked to stand back and admire his achievements and looked to his next project to develop his trowel skills.

On completion of the program Josh was placed with a local bricklayer looking to find a new apprentice to keep up with the growing housing demands in the area. Steve Kirkwood from TSK Bricklaying gave Josh the opportunity to prove himself the ‘right man for the job’.

With a follow up at the end of each week things were going really well, then Steve informed me that Josh had gone back to Longreach. I paused for a while before Steve explained why, Josh was heading home to pack his belongings and relocate to Toowoomba as TSK Bricklaying had offered him an apprenticeship.

Before his return Josh had found himself a place to live in Toowoomba so his traveling days were limited. In a recent site visit to The Toowoomba region I stopped in to the jobsite where Josh and the TSK Bricklaying gang were hard at work. Things are going well for him with Steve and the gang and with friends living down the hill in Brisbane, Josh is settling in rather well.

For more information on courses commencing in 2015 contact Qld Field Rep, Brian Munns on 0437 871 523 or 07 3205 5559, email


Brian Munns
ABBTF Qld Field Rep

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