How Many Bricks a Day before I Pay My Way?


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I wrote a blog earlier this month (November 4) on what makes a Great Boss in Bricklaying?” and I mentioned the importance of an Apprentice getting trowel experience early in his Apprenticeship.  The point I was making was that he needs to start to ‘pay his way’ in terms of bricks laid each day.

As a result of reading this blog a second year Apprentice asked me to how many bricks it takes to cover his employer’s costs.

So, because it makes good business sense to know how important your productivity rate is for your employer, I’ve set out a Table below to explain.

Just to recap – bricklayers generally only get paid by the volume of bricks that they lay. They don’t get paid by how much mud they mix or any other menial task.

The Table compares a typical current rate a bricklayer gets today with the better rates existing mid 2010 – it’s a fact of life that earning rates fluctuate in the construction industry, according to building demand.

Compared to the following hourly  apprentice costs (all inclusive of travel allowances, insurance, off site training costs, down time and incentives), we can make some projections on just how many bricks an apprentice bricklayer needs to lay to pay his or her way.

How Many Bricks an Apprentice Needs to Lay to “Pay his Way”


As you can see, the tighter the economy gets, the more important it is for you to become productive as soon as possible.  The rate the bricklayer receives has a direct impact on the level of productivity required from the Apprentice at all year levels to pay their way.

So once you’ve started the apprenticeship, the aim is to be as productive as you can early on with a view to paying your way in about 6 months.

So take another look at those points on finding a Good Boss (my Nov 4 Blog) and don’t be shy in asking questions of your prospective employer.

Good hunting.

Dean Pearson,
WA Manager


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