How to help the undecided student in 2013

The fact that students mature at different rates is well known.  Males especially, often have little idea what they want to do in life till well into their twenties.  It often leaves them floundering at secondary school, unsure about their direction and with little focus on what they’re suited for.

Sadly, as a result, some leave school early and languish for two or three years, becoming increasingly dissatisfied, sometimes with serious consequences.

In the years it takes to mature…

In the years it takes to mature, such students could have acquired a 3-4 year trade apprenticeship qualification and be either settled, or by then confidently taking their next step in a construction career (such as a builder or project manager) through further part-time trade study at TAFE.  There are many Career development opportunities.

A bricklaying apprenticeship is the perfect start for young people who are as yet, unsure of their trade career direction and need a focus in the medium term.

They’re usually very keen to acquire as much freedom in their lives as possible, which bricklaying allows, but they can still be tutored by a tradesman and earn an income, while in addition being paid to go to trade school the equivalent of about 8 weeks a year.

Bricklaying is particularly suited to young people (both genders) who are happiest and most productive out of doors, who have good hand-eye co-ordination, who can commit to a task and have a desire to learn.

Geoff Noble,

General Manager, ABBTF

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