If Music Be the Food of Brickies…

Newtown High School of the Performing Arts wth CaptionThe picture above is of a performing arts school in Sydney where the design of the brickwork replicates a music sound wave.

Brickies can only look at this work and wonder what radio station they were on when they built that?  I must say I like it.  Bricklaying is a trade where you can listen to music all day. Usually the apprentice gets no say in what is listened to on site though, as’ what the boss says’, goes!
It started me thinking…is there a happy medium when it comes to radio?  Some bosses work well listening to talk-back radio which may not be every apprentice’s cup of tea.  The apprentice will wait patiently like a stalking panther for the boss to leave the site to get materials or run errands.  That’s when he gets to the radio and switches it to FM to listen to the music he likes.

Many apprentices will play the game to see how long before the boss notices the radio is on a different station when he returns, though maybe it’s not the best strategy for building mutual respect!.

Get onto our Facebook page and let us know what radio and music you like to listen to while you work to both get the job done well and enjoy the day.  I am sure there is a favourite spot for bricklayers and an alternative one for apprentices.  Maybe we can help convince some bosses that your music makes for higher productivity (check out some tips)?  Well we can try…


John White

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