Incentives were never better for employers seeking apprentices


With the end of the school year and many students making final decisions to either stay on at school or leave to take on a trade, it’s heartening to know that the incentives for employers to apprentice you were never better.

Whether you’re considering starting a full time bricklaying apprenticeship now or taking an alternative path to a bricklaying career, it will involve you working for an employer or host for at least a part of each year in order to undertake your onsite training as part of the apprenticeship.

Economically an employer needs to see a financial benefit in employing and training an apprentice.  No apprentice is expected to be adding value to the business early on and quickly you will start to be productive for the business depends on how quickly you learn, the available work and the size of the team. So putting on an apprentice is a carefully planned financial decision for an employer.   There’s a great blog on Bricklayer Productivity, you might find interesting.

However, the good news is that the Government recently announced for a limited time, a boost in funding support for employers of new apprentices and mature age apprentices.  This is because the downturn in the economy this year meant fewer than normal apprentices were trained in many trades.  This is not good for the building industry because when the cycle turns upwards again, as it will, it is important that there is a good supply of skilled young tradespeople ready to meet the demands of the housing and commercial building industry.

cash-thumbnailTherefore, it was announced that an additional $3,350 over and above existing Subsidies will be paid to employers in two instalments for small and medium sized businesses where they employ a new apprentice between December 2012 and February 2013.

So, if you’re talking to a potential future employer, remind him of this new reason to take you on.  Remember too that the ABBTF will help you locate an employer if you’re ready to start your bricklaying apprenticeship and do not have contacts.  Just give us a call on 1300 66 44 96.

Geoff Noble
General Manager, ABBTF

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