Is the Road to Construction Recovery Beginning in WA?

Construction in Perth, WA on the road to recoverySome encouraging employment growth prospects have emerged for WA in recent months with the latest ABS unemployment figures for this State showing a fall to 5.5% in May. After NSW, WA now has the second lowest unemployment rate around the country – with NSW at 4.8%. Good news, but the State has been experiencing significant job losses for two years as a result of the decline in the resources sector, so while this change is positive, there’s a long way to go.

I believe brick and blocklaying may start to see some improvement with a lift in spring housing market activity, but only if the fall in WA’s unemployment rate is maintained and translates to a rise in consumer confidence and new housing investment. Many of the new jobs have so far been in the health services sector, by far the single biggest employer in the State. If your Bricklaying business is slow, it’s A Great Time to Raise the Bar for Bricklaying in WA and additionally, to potentially consider instead of taking on an Apprentice at this point, to engage a bricklaying Trainee, in association with a GTO: Engagement options in slow times.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data reveals that inner Perth is leading the revival with the fall in unemployment. More recent, June capital city data shows Perth has one of the lowest city unemployment figures, at 5.7%. The inner city Perth rate has the lowest comparable rate around the country at 3% unemployment.

In the north-eastern suburbs, unemployment has fallen from 9% late last year, to 4.7% without jobs. PerthNow’s (WA Sunday Times) Shane Wright reported on July 28 that ABS data is showing unemployment also fell in the south-east (6.2%) and the south-west (5%), with the Regions reporting reductions occurring since the March State election.

Workforce delivery expert Conrad Liveris speaking recently was very cautious about the data, saying “Of the 13,700 jobs created in the last month, 63% of those part time”. “After two years of massive job losses, the problem actually is that the number of job increases is fairly low,” he said.

Dean Pearson
ABBTF WA Manager

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