It’s a Step-Up in Skills to World Competition

Alan Ramsden showing his attention to detail at the 2013 international WorldSkills competition.From past experiences we’ve learned how critical the training period between bricklaying’s WorldSkills Nationals and the International is. One key difference going into our next international will be the support of the newly created ABBTF “World Class Bricklaying Scholarship”. It will be integral in not only holding our high standing but improving on it. The added bonus is that it also filters through to the general industry and the training sector as they become involved in the development of our representative.

Often, less than a year exists in which to prepare a WorldSkills Bricklaying competitor between the National and International competitions – but the change you see in the young bricklayer over this time, is incredible.

He has to be clearly good at what he does to win a medal at the national competition, but preparing for and competing at the international event is a whole different ball game.

A great example is the most recent competitor Alan Ramsden from Perth, who made immense sacrifices during his training to make sure he was at his best.

Just before the international competition everyone noticed that he was a very different young man from just 12 months before. He was physically stronger, extremely focused and he had this vibe about him that he was ready and up to taking on the rest of the world.

The accuracy of his constructing went from very good to excellent. The neatness of his work and the quality of his jointing dramatically improved. He was able to think on his feet and problem solve more effectively in exceedingly tight timeframes. He was also able to handle extreme pressure and perform when it counted.

There are other great examples of this dynamic, namely Lester Tibbles, Nigel Croke and Tim Hambly who all showed similar personal and professional growth in the lead up to earlier international WorldSkills bricklaying competitions.

Past WorldSkills National Bricklaying Champions who competed on the world stage. L-R Lester Tibbles, Nigel Croke, Tim Hambly

From their experiences we have been able to identify the support we need to compete at the highest level against the leading and emergent nations who are doing everything they can to prove their capabilities.

Regional winners have now been finalized and are in training for the National WorldSkills event due to take place in Perth between 18-20 September, 2014 when you can follow it on Facebook with Become a Bricklayer.


Troy Everett
WorldSkills International Chief Expert – Bricklaying

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