Kickstart Extension Assists New Pre-Apps Students


Ben Thompson, Thommo’s Brick and Blocklaying in Miranda, NSW with new recruit Liam Harris, an Apprenticeship supported by Kickstart. 

The Federal Government, not surprisingly, has been making much of its funding to support apprenticeships of late.  However, at ABBTF we were delighted to hear that the Federal Government Kickstart Incentive, which ran from December to February, has now been extended up to the end of April.

This means that employers have an added financial support to assist putting on a new apprentice, to the tune of $3,350 for the first year.  This, of course, comes with responsibilities, and payment isn’t completed til the apprentice completes the first year.

It’s a good time to extend the offer for two months because at this time there are over 300 students in 3 months of pre-apprenticeship bricklayer training around the country, plus bricklayers are all back on the job, after a summer break.  The incentive extension will assist the placement of these apprenticeship candidates.

Employers already receive a range of support from the bricklaying industry and the Government  which assists with paying the wages of an apprentice.  Apprentices also receive support in the form of tool allowances and in certain cases, travel allowances.  You’ll find full details on the apprentice allowances in the State pages of this website.

Bricklayers are given their support to encourage them to take on an apprentice and thereby pass on the important skills of the trade.  Our construction industry needs an ongoing supply of qualified bricklayers available to meet the housing and commercial building industry.   Demand for building and therefore tradespeople moves in cycles like in most industries and there are ups and downs.

Financial support puts ‘money in the bank’ for the rainy days to ensure that a bricklayer can provide his apprentice with regular work and of course, his ongoing wages.  In this way, it makes good business sense!

Geoff Noble,
General Manager

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