Let’s share our passion!
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Interesting article from Mike Sutter Chairman of the Masonry Contractors Association of America (MCAA).

“After just returning from Las Vegas and the World of Concrete/World of Masonry, I can tell you I am re-energized.  How could I not be after all the productive meetings, social events, and of course MASONRY MADNESS on Wednesday — from the Apprentice Skills contest to the MCAA Fastest Trowel on the Block, and finally the SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500?  We were able to see the best contestants from around the country in all three events. It was also the largest crowd I have seen in quite a few years. I was particularly proud to watch the apprentices, as nervous as they were, as they are the future of our industry and most of us began our careers in the masonry industry in the same way.

We have a shortage of workers in our industry. In fact, the number of those retiring after many years in the industry is outpacing those entering the workforce. The MCAA will continue to do everything we can to recruit workers for our industry. It is one of the top priorities we will focus on during my term as chairman.

Over the years, I have heard bricklayers say they wouldn’t recommend the trade to a young person just graduating and about to enter the workforce. I have never understood that statement from someone who has made his living and provided for a family through the trade. Sure, it is hard work, and we sometimes have to work in the cold or heat when others are working in a climate-controlled environment. But our chosen career is incredibly rewarding. We all need to share the fulfilment we receive when completing a project or driving by it years later and saying to our family and friends, “I helped build that building!” We need to share the passion we have for our industry whenever possible.

As Mike said “When we are out recruiting and training our workers of the future, we need to take them under our wing and share our passion for the industry. We all have it, so let’s share it!”

I totally agree Mike.

Tony Bishop

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