Meet Our Very Experienced Queensland Field Rep

TB ImageOur Queensland Field Representative, Brian Munns, has been a bricklayer for 25 years, starting in the United Kingdom and migrating to Australia in 2006.

Brian had a successful bricklaying business as a host employer in both the UK and here in Queensland, taking on a number of apprentices before making the move into the training industry.

Brian brings a wealth of experience to ABBTF – a bricklayer who has worked overseas, an employer of apprentices and a qualified trainer. To discuss a field visit or other onsite training matter, you can contact Brian at ABBTF on 0437 871 523 or by Email.

The blend of these skills has made him a great contributor to the Queensland team.

And now, keeping the family tradition alive, Brian’s son Charlie has followed in his father’s footsteps into the bricklaying industry, currently in the first year of his Apprenticeship.   Charlie is on the trowel and loving it, which Brian is pleased to see.

As the building industry is gathering some pace and bricklayers are busier, it’s great to see more apprentices joining the ranks.

“Being in the bricklaying industry has its ups and downs, like any other trade, but it has always kept me in work since the day I left school.  Seeing people get the opportunity I was once given makes it a truly rewarding job for me at ABBTF.  I would encourage anyone to take up bricklaying as it is and always will, be a very satisfying craft and to be recognised for having built that!”, said Brian.

Apart from having a great passion for the trade, Brian is also a keen Arsenal supporter and still closely follows the Gunners in the English Premier League.



Tony Bishop
ABBTF Queensland Manager

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