More Profoundly Astonishing Brickwork from the Ukraine


image 1

Well, while we are in the Ukraine, let’s visit another unique cathedral.

The Annunciation Cathedral Kharkiv is a Neo-Byzantine structure built in 1888.  At 80 metres high, it’s a stunning structure and the largest and tallest church in the Russian Empire.

It’s so tall I could not get the full height in the photo.




Here’s another shot form a different angle.Image 2

These churches had so much energy put into them – from the design alone, the height for the bell tower, the materials. They first had to build a brickworks to make around five million bricks. The unique design incorporates so many pillars in the Neo-Byzantine effect.






image 5

This is the back of the church. Now have a look at the entrance gate. Profoundly astonishing brickwork to say the least.


image 3

There are a couple of these entrances around the perimeter.








image 4

Let’s go straight to the main church. Here is the entrance arch and it is a huge in depth arch about three metres wide.







Images 7 & 8

Looking at the bell tower, the multiple columns are not only aesthetic, but the knowledge in the construction of this form of bricklaying is esoteric.

This pic shows the full height of the church.

Image 9

image 10 & 11

This is a side and up view of the brickwork.  Notice how the top of the arch is also extraverted – mind boggling.  More arches demonstrate a concave effect.


Image 12The brickwork leading up to the dome demonstrates exquisite master craftsmanship to say the lease.

It really is a photographic wonder, and being a tradesman I truly can see the beauty in the building.  There were surely some very smart and excellent craftsmen who constructed these walls.






Here are a few extra pics for your perusal.

IMAGE 13 & 14

Hope you have enjoyed the blogs.  No doubt there will be others.


Peter Cartwright, Author of the book – Bricklaying the Art


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