National Apprentice Pay Rates Started This Week

AUD NotesIndividual trade apprentice pay rates under the Modern Award, across all States of Australia, came into line on 1 July 2014 with the transitional arrangement period now completed.

Fair Work Ombudsman LogoEmployers and apprentices should check the current rates at the Fair Work Ombudsman site where a new, improved website tool “PayCheck Plus”  provides access to pay rates for employers and apprentices across all trades.


Apprentice pay rates increased for new apprentices from 1 January this year, but by different amounts as rates have varied between States. Pay and Conditions relating to the pre-July period are also available at the ABBTF website and here at Become-a-Bricklayer. This transitional arrangement ceased with the introduction of a common national rate from 1 July.

It should be noted that bricklaying apprenticeships in some States are nominally a three year term and others have a four year term. Pay rates will therefore vary according to the applicable nominal term. Pay rates for apprentices commencing from 1 January 2014 are at a higher rate.

ABBTF expects that the rates will encourage many good quality, young people to choose a bricklaying apprenticeship. ABBTF has been heavily involved in recruiting such candidates to fill the Vacancies created by an increase in building activity in most parts of Australia, and advertised here and on Facebook.

If you are an employer looking for an apprentice or you are keen to start a new apprenticeship contact ABBTF on 1300 66 44 96, email

Learn more about Modern Awards.


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