Need Funding Support to Grow your Bricklaying Business?
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Industry Skills FundThe Industry Skills Fund

Ask any tradesperson what the worst aspect of their job is and chances are its paperwork and not knowing how to use a computer.

The Industry Skills Fund is a Commonwealth Government initiative that assists business to invest in training and support services and to develop innovative training solutions. It is designed to assist companies that have identified a business growth and/or diversification opportunity, but need to up-skill staff to achieve it.

What’s In It for Bricklaying?

What this could mean for your bricklaying business is the opportunity to add an additional layer of skills to assist you to grow your business. For example, you may have started your business without the need to manage it electronically and now find that in order for you to grow and compete you require training in the area of basic IT, computers, tablets, etc., to better organise your timetable, ordering, billing, etc.

Australian Government Business

Or you now have a truck that could be put to more use in your business if more employees had the ticket needed to drive an oversized vehicle.

To access further information in Victoria contact:
David Henderson 
Mobile: 0498040231. He will advise you on your
eligibility. Also visit the national website page below.

All other states visit the Industry Skills Fund website:


ABBTF Victorian Manager

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