Need to Know: Training Benchmarks for 457 Visa Brickies

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Employers applying for approval as Sponsors of 457 Visa Bricklaying workers entering Australia must meet the requirements of the Training Benchmarks set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Employers as Sponsors need to demonstrate that they have made a contribution to training each year. This may include a contribution of at least 2% of payroll to an Industry Training Fund if current training expenditure on employees is less than 1% of payroll. This pre-requisite is seen as a contribution to national training in lieu of training existing employees.

ABBTF can accept this contribution from Sponsors and issue the necessary evidence of training to satisfy Training Benchmark A.

If a Sponsor employs an existing apprentice, 100% of the apprentice wages can be counted towards the percentage requirement of the DIBP.

Further information on 457 and other Migration Visas can be found at the DIBP website.

People wishing to apply for Permanent Migration Visas to work in Australia should contact ABBTF for advice on bricklayer shortages and potential Sponsors. Call Geoff Noble 03 9556 3000 or email

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