New 2014 Season Footy Tipping Competition for Bricklayers and industry


We all love to test our skills with footy tipping so ABBTF has decided it’s time to have our own industry tipping competition for NRL and AFL.  We’ve just announced the Brickies Footy Tipping Comp via email overnight and already over 200 forms have been completed to register for the game. (Do we have your email?  If not, Subscribe to the Aussie Bricklayer News on the right hand side of pages of the ABBTF website). So…

>> Register for Footy Tipping Now.

For each Code, there are Movie ticket prizes to be won each month (a random draw, it doesn’t matter where you are on the ladder) and an overall best tipper prize for the season wins $1,000 for the best result in NRL and $1,000 for the best result in AFL.  But hey, it’s not even about the prize is it?  It’s about the fun of proving your knowledge and skill at picking the winners vs the skills of your mates.  The season ends with the completion of the home and away matches, pre the finals so get cracking now to make the most of it.   So, share the game around your mates, register now, keep the phone handy for getting your tips in and play the game each week (or any week you like) and bookmark your entry page at when you are registered.  We’ve even got a Help page, if you get stuck registering.

We’re all playing the game at ABBTF and Become-a-Bricklayer (but the rules are we can’t win, which is ok).  It’s not too late to join, with joker rounds and bonus points; you can be up there!

>> Register for Footy Tipping Now.

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