New WorkCover Qld Discount on Insurance for Bricklayer with an Apprentice

HandshakeQueensland Bricklayers with apprentices will shortly receive a new and ongoing discount on WorkCover accident insurance policy renewals.  Apprentices’ wages will henceforth be excluded from the calculation used to determine the mandatory employer’s annual insurance cost for the business.

Wages are a very significant component of calculating WorkCover cost so this translates to a real saving.  There will be no impact on the Cover provided to bricklaying apprentices who will continue to receive the same level of insurance cover as all workers if they sustain an injury in the course of their employment.

The Queensland WorkCover saving, effective from July 1, is available at the time of the policy renewal and is designed to support the Queensland Government’s plan to encourage business to hire more apprentices.  There are a range of other existing financial incentives available from ABBTF and Government – see details at ABBTF’s employer website, to support the employment of apprentices.

Employers will still need to declare their apprentice wages, along with the wages of other workers, during the renewal of their accident insurance policy but apprentice’s wages will then be deducted in assessing the premium cost.  In the renewal process all wages paid to workers (including apprentices) will need to be declared for the 2016–2017 financial year, and an estimate of wages for the 2017–2018 financial year need to be provided.  Even if you only employ apprentices an accident insurance policy is still required.

To take up this discount offer, Queensland employers of apprentice bricklayers/blocklayers need to renew online or over the phone on 1300 362 128 to receive the apprentice discount.  Further information is available at WorkCover.

Tony Bishop
ABBTF Manager Qld

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