One Good Thing You Did Today …

Well Done Good JobTraining and managing a bricklaying apprentice on the job every day is not easy.  The relationship between the employer and the apprentice is built through shared experiences involving trust and commitment.

A bricklayer gave me a tip recently on how to get the best out of the apprentice and build a good relationship.  The bricklayer said:

“Before you knock off for the day, think about what happened on the job today and               find one good thing the apprentice did well during the day and tell him or her.”

The apprentice may have stuffed up many times during the day but if he keeps trying and is willing to learn, personal acknowledgement in the form of a small comment from you on the one good thing he or she did that day provides huge encouragement for him to bounce back the next day.

Even good apprentices can make mistakes in learning new skills and young people today can quickly get down on themselves for not being as good as they want to be. (Review a little background on this generation).

They will benefit greatly from an ‘ounce of encouragement’ and with your support can turn out to be the best bricklayer you ever had!  Check out a few more tips on training and mentoring.

Bricklayers tell me that a small compliment on “One Good Thing” (you did today) makes a great difference and as a result they’re repaid many times in terms of the apprentice’s attitude, attendance and productivity.

Geoff Noble

2 Responses to “One Good Thing You Did Today …”

  1. Julie James

    The One Good Thing article is so encouraging that there are good jobs with excellent mentors for our kids out there. My son is keen to do bricklaying or concreting but it is hard to find a pathway for tradie type kids – all their school subjects are geared around academia and uni placements and not practical skills. Only moving to year 10 next year but we are keen to find work experience or a shortcourse in 2016 to give him an edge when he is looking for an apprenticeship later on.

  2. Jorge McMillan

    I believe the point you made about how hard the job of a bricklaying apprentice can be. What I really like about this article though is the positive vibe it gives and encouragement in promotes to help beginning bricklayers to look at the work they’ve done and focus on the good that happened that day. That right there I personally feel will inspire them to keep working and perfecting their craft, which will help them become master bricklayers, which will help build up society better.


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