Stick at your Apprenticeship, remaining unqualified puts a lot at risk!

One of the toughest challenges for young apprentices is when they see unqualified labourers on job sites being paid more than apprentices. This is because the lower wages paid to an apprentice are supposed to compensate for the cost of their training and education.

When times are good, it becomes even more frustrating for apprentices as many unqualified workers enter the market.


There’s a lot to like about bricklaying, say Apprentices at Skills Tech

I visited Queensland’s new ‘state-of-the-art’ SkillsTech Trade Training Centre recently at Arcadia Ridge in Brisbane with Tony Bishop, ABBTF’s Queensland State Manager.

Tony took the opportunity to show the Become a Bricklayer DVD to a group of Stage 2 apprentices who were in for their bricklayer training. The apprentices said the DVD was spot on and they could see themselves being part of the industry and feeling pretty good about becoming a bricklayer.


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