Pre-Trade Course Paves the Way for Ryan Hague

Pre-trade Course photo of Bob & RyanRyan Hague is a young man from Maryborough who recently completed the three week Pre-Trade bricklaying course at Salisbury’s Construction Training Centre. The short course was run by ABBTF’s Queensland team with the aim of giving potential apprentices some hands-on training in basic bricklaying prior to being placed with employers.

Queensland Field Rep, Brian Munns, who ran the course, says Ryan picked up the basic bricklaying skills very quickly, was keen to learn and worked in well with the other course participants. After Ryan successfully completed the course, Brian found a placement for him with bricklaying contractor Bob McCormack. Bob is based in the Redlands area, but Ryan has been happy to move in with nearby relatives so that he can take up this opportunity, as there is currently a lack of bricklaying work in his home town.

Bob recently had a bricklaying apprentice on his team finish the Certificate and has been looking to put on another.  Unfortunately, he’s tried several starters who didn’t last the distance. Bob put Ryan on a few weeks ago and has been very pleased to find a young man who is work-ready with basic knowledge and skills in general bricklaying.

Brian reinforced “The successful placement of a potential apprentice with an employer is the ideal outcome of the ABBTF pre-trade courses. I am very pleased that I was able to find a position for Ryan and I wish him well for the future.”  Ongoing support will be given by ABBTF to Bob and Ryan through the apprenticeship process, especially with the financial incentives provided through the Brickstart Subsidy program.

We will continue to invest in pre-trade training programs for as long as the industry has a demand for candidates who come through the pre-entry course.  Employers get a much better Apprentice through this process – one that comes with a stronger commitment to learning and some preliminary knowledge of what to expect on the job.  If these courses can save employers time, money and frustration, then they’re well worth doing!

Tony Bishop

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