Qualified for Life

apprentice-path-to-qualificationAs the year draws to a close, many young people around the country are completing their apprenticeship training in bricklaying.

They have worked hard to achieve a valuable qualification and this milestone will be recognition of the knowledge and skills in bricklaying which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

ABBTF congratulates all apprentices who completed their training during 2012.

This Certificate III qualification in bricklaying will open many doors to a range of careers in the construction industry.  Many others before this 2012 graduating class have gone on to successful careers as contractors running a business, or as builders, project managers or construction managers.

We see a number of qualified bricklayers travelling around Australia or overseas, or moving out of the industry for a short time until building activity returns to former levels.  Whatever they choose to do they will always have the qualification in bricklaying that will provide them with the freedom to choose their future.

We have also seen bricklayers who qualified over recent years starting their own gang and putting on apprentices to build a young, energetic and productive team.

By signing on a new apprentice they receive ABBTF financial support which was also provided to their employer when they were doing their apprenticeship.  We believe ABBTF has played an important role in supporting all apprentices completing their training and achieving a qualification in bricklaying.

Geoff Noble,
ABBTF General Manager

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