Raising the Bar through Discussions on Product Knowledge and Standards

wa-supervisors-course-nov-16-wth-captionFor some time in WA ABBTF has been running an ‘ABBTF Supervisors Course’ for building supervisors responsible for overseeing contractor Bricklayers and other trades on building sites. It’s a good time for this in WA where building starts have slowed and there is less demand for new apprentices, the core Purpose at ABBTF. The response has been excellent, with the agreed plan to now expand this course to Bricklayers themselves. With less work around, now is a good time in WA for bricklayers to invest in reviewing technique and practices on subjects such as damp proofing, brick cleaning, cavity cleaning and temporary wall supports and so on.
Both Austral Brick and Midland Brick have participated in these courses with their builders and all have provided positive feedback and suggested that a similar course be conducted for Bricklayers as well. They note that it’s an ideal time for bricklayers to demonstrate to the industry that their bricklaying business has high standards. When the building cycle turns again, the best bricklayers will always get the best work. It should be noted though, that despite the slow-down, we are having some success in re-locating out the work bricklaying apprentices to ensure they can complete the Apprenticeship. There are still great employer subsidy supports to be had for taking on an apprentice in our State.

The Supervisors Course is conducted every 2 to 3 weeks and includes country locations. There’s no cost to participants with ABBTF picking up the bill. A BBQ breakfast is held at the venue, with an 8.00am start for discussions, finishing by 10.00am, so still allowing a large part of the day back on the job. The Bricklaying Contractor course will be after the work day with a BBQ and finishing early evening.

Dean Pearson, ABBTF WA Manager said Building Supervisors who may have come to their role through another trade, can now go away from this course armed with better information to ask questions and know what they should expect to see in any given situation. Our last course (see images below) was another great turn out with much robust discussion. I’m convinced we’ll get a good response from Bricklayers to our new Course”.

If you have queries or thoughts about the new course, give me a call on 0409 460 097, drop me an Email or Comment, here at the Blog.


Ian Fitzgerald
Field Representative, ABBTF WA.

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  1. Barry Dandridge

    Fantastic idea, I would love to be involved in a similar program in Adelaide. I have been a bricklaying trainer and assessor for the last 10 years, when I was a sub-contractor, I ‘trained’ many supervisors who confided to me that they knew little about what to look for even at the completion of the supervisors course. Let me know how I can be involved. Cheers.


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