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Rate Your Training is an online tool for employers to rate and compare the performance of Registered Training Organisations which includes TAFE’s and private RTO’s in areas such as Building & Construction – Bricklaying, plus other areas of study.

Rate Your Training is a helpful website when deciding where an apprentice should do his training, as you can contribute your experience and view the experience of others.

It helps an employer choose a training provider (TAFE or other Registered Training Organisation) to best suit his business needs and has been created by the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (DEECD) in response to employer demands for improved access to information about the quality of training in the market.

This is a great tool to rate your trainer organisation for their efforts and also to provide them with constructive advice to assist with continuous improvement.  ABBTF is notifying all bricklayers to get online and do this so you can have a voice as a collective body.  An apprentice is an investment in your business and every opportunity to improve the quality of training has a direct impact on your success.

The Rate Your Training website was launched by the Hon Peter Hall MLC on the 24th October 2013 It is very easy to navigate and quick to provide a result, using a star rating system to grade performance results.

ABBTF Victorian Manager

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