Regional Bricklayers Get More Apprentice Support
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Cows PicBricklayers working in regional areas of Australia may not be aware of the additional Federal Government funding to support the employment of a new apprentice – Rural & Regional Skills Shortage Incentive.

There is an additional $1,000 available to employers outside the metro areas of capital cities for signing on a new apprentice. This makes the Federal Government support up to $5,000 over the term of the apprenticeship.


The Rural & Regional Incentive is in addition to the ABBTF $3,000 Subsidy and Construction Training Fund support in WA, SA, ACT and TAS.

Plus Added Support for Adult Apprentice
Signing an adult apprentice can also attract financial support with the Federal Government allowance of $4,000 if the apprentice is over 25 years. ABBTF also assists with the $2,000 Support for Adult Apprentice Bricklayers (SAAB) aged 21 to 24 years, payable on the completion of first year. This support is even higher in Victoria.

Bricklayers working in the country can at times feel disadvantaged by lower rates, distance and less regular work and this support of an extra $1,000 is welcomed.

Working in regional areas does have many lifestyle advantages which bricklayers say far outweigh life in the big smoke.

For information on Government Subsidies contact your Australian Apprenticeship Centre or ABBTF on 1300 66 44 96.


Geoff Noble

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