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Jamie Gianchou

jamie_gianchoulanding_pageI am 21, live in Canberra and completed my bricklaying apprenticeship in 2011.  I was apprenticed in my father’s business, Chris Gianchou of Harcourt Bricklaying and undertook my offsite training with Master Builders Group Training.

I have known about the WorldSkills competition from the beginning of my apprenticeship and have been determined to be a part of it. I love the challenge and excitement it brings to bricklaying.  Not to mention the chance to represent Australia and travel the world.  This is really making me practice and study harder.

I think the National will be a tough competition.  It will test us both mentally and physically to bring out the best in our chosen trade.  I’d like to think that my training and everyday experiences will help me to rise to the challenge.

Throughout my apprenticeship I have been able to turn to the Master Builders Group Training and my father/employer for guidance.  Both have extensive knowledge and experience in the field and have been able to assist me in learning and bettering my skills throughout my apprenticeship.

From an early age I have been fascinated with architectural buildings around the world. I saw bricklaying as an excellent opportunity which would allow me to acquire hands on experience and to understand how these designs work and can stand the test of time.  It is now a bonus that my fascination for architecture has become my career in a great industry.  The part of bricklaying I enjoy the most is standing back at the end of the day and seeing what I have accomplished – there is no greater sense of achievement!

My father is someone who has always managed to bring out the best in me. His work ethic and the way he operates, drives me to become more dedicated in my profession and life.  The respect and passion he has for not only bricklaying but also life in general, rubs off on me and I have developed the same passion for my career.

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