Representing Queensland

Joshua Yoemans.  Region:  Brisbane

joshua_yeoman_landing_page_I’m 22 and have now completed my apprenticeship with John Schlect at Flowcrete Constructions.  My home town is Bribie Island and my training was with Sunshine Coast TAFE.

I’m committed to achieving my best and representing my State well at the finals, but am feeling a bit nervous about it.  Lex Valentine, my bricklayer coach and trainer, mentioned the Regional WorldSkills competition to me at a class and thought I should try out.  Lex is someone I look to for guidance in bricklaying – he is willing to spend the time to focus on the points that are my weaknesses and help me become a better bricklayer.  However, my hero is definitely my Dad.  He is there throughout everything in my life.  He’s not only respected as my father but also loved as a mate when in need.

What appealed to me when choosing a trade was that I really enjoy being out-doors.  However, the most rewarding part is standing back at the end of the day and taking a look at the work you’ve achieved, not only the finished product itself but how you managed to gather those materials to achieve the finish product.  A lot of effort goes in!

Todd Richards.  Region:  Central Queensland

todd_richards_landing_page_I’m 24 years old; I live in Mackay and completed my apprenticeship with Sommerfeld & Sons.  My training was completed at Central Queensland Institute of Technology.

I’m really looking forward to competing against other ‘best trowel hands’ nationally and will be studying plans and practising Project 1 before getting to Sydney.

Something I really enjoyed about the apprenticeship and the work is changing sites regularly and the fact that it’s outdoor work.

I became interested in bricklaying because a mate was working for his father as a bricklayer and I knew he liked the work.

I entered the Regional WorldSkills competition because my employer Col Sommerfeld and my TAFE teacher at CQIT, Peter Carr both said that it would be worthwhile and they believed I would do well.  In terms of guidance during the apprenticeship my employer was my biggest influence and still is now that I’m qualified.  My hero however is still Superman!  Even though he’s not a bricklayer!


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