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Rhyse Moroney  Region:  Perth South

rhyse_mornoey_landing_page_I recently completed my apprenticeship, am 21 and live in Shark Bay WA.  I work for Chris Tuddenham, Tuddenham Bricklaying and trained at Durack Institute of Technology, WA.

I am excited about the National Competition.  I have a great support network that is helping me prepare as much as possible, practicing all the different skills that may be required.  I entered the competition as my TAFE lecturer said I had the potential to win at WorldSkills and asked if I would like the chance to participate.  Realising what a great opportunity it was I jumped at the chance.

I chose bricklaying as a career because I liked the idea of working outside and the job security that would be provided from working in the construction industry.  In particular I liked where the industry could take me in the future and the many opportunities it presented.  I especially enjoy working as a part of a team and the satisfaction of seeing the finished building is very rewarding.  During my apprenticeship I looked up to my employer Chris Tuddenham for guidance because he has many years of experience and was able to guide me in the right direction when required.

Alan Ramsden  Region:  Perth North

Alan-RamsdenI am in the second year of my apprenticeship, am 17 and live in Mindarie, Perth WA.  My employer is HIA Apprentices and host employer is Mark Niebieszczanski of ‘By the Book Bricklaying Contractors’.  I’m training at Swan Polytechnic TAFE.

I’m feeling really excited to be part of the WorldSkills national competition and in preparation I’m learning lots, training at TAFE every Friday and some Saturdays with Eddie Campbell who is a Senior Bricklaying Lecturer.  It was my host employer who said I should enter.  His son went in it two years ago also.  I look to my host employer, Mark for guidance.  He has taught me everything.  I also did work experience with him before starting my apprenticeship.  I don’t really have a hero, but I do turn to Mark for everything to do with bricklaying.

I chose bricklaying because I did a Step Out Program at Trades North and really enjoyed all the building stuff, watching it grow and staying up.  I enjoyed seeing the end result of my work.  A part of my work I really love is being outdoors, in the sunshine, enjoying the weather.

Samuel Long  Region:  South West WA

sam_long_landing_page_I’ve now completed my apprenticeship, which I did with Dale Alcock Homes South West (ABN Group) and host trainer Colin Hazelden.  I live in Bunbury and still work with Colin.  I did my training at South West Regional Institute of Technology.  I’ve been fortunate to have been awarded the 2012 ABBTF/MBA Best Bricklaying Apprentice Award in the South West.

I’m currently looking at completing my Builders Registration Course.  I’m happy with my success to date, having been able to buy my own 4 wheel drive and boat.

I became a bricklayer because I did some work experience in bricklaying while at school so got a feel for it.  Then the apprenticeship opportunity came up through a family friend, so I thought this would be a good idea, and it turned out really well!

The parts of the industry I enjoy most are working outside, the regular change of environment not the same address plus building something and driving past and saying ‘I built that’!

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