R&K Fuchshofer Bricklaying takes home the 2015 Horbury Hunt Residential Award for ‘Hello House’ for Bricklaying
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I’m delighted to report that the winner of the prestigious Think Brick 2015, Horbury Hunt Residential Award went to the team of
• OOF! Architecture,
• Anthony Adams, Project Builder (of Complete Builder’s Insight) and
• Robert Fuchshofer, Bricklaying Contractor of R&K Fuchshofer Bricklaying Services.

The Award was for brickwork for the two bedroom Victorian-era home “Hello House”. Three of the four other finalists in the Residential Award were from Victoria and one was from NSW.

plan bWhen Robert received the call from Anthony Adams asking if he was interested in building the “Hello” wall, a unique and exciting project, he jumped at it.

Robert loves applying his skills to overcome the challenges this type of work requires. The immediate problem Robert had to solve for the builder was to get the set-out at the start of the letters exactly right. Without this accuracy Robert said “problems would have followed him all the way up the wall”. Once he got that part right the next thing was keeping the protruding bricks level and plumb, otherwise you would see the sway this would cause in the wall.


Robert went on to add, “Being the middle of a hot summer, another challenge to overcome was that the bricks I was given to use were incredibly porous. This meant I could only spread mortar for two bricks in length at a time otherwise by the time I laid them the mortar would dry up! To overcome this I needed to focus on doing a square metre at a time, I even had to keep watering the bricks down so they wouldn’t dry up so fast.”

“To produce the lettering you had to have two string lines going at the same time, one for the protruding bricks and one for the straight wall sections. This made it a very slow process but wellworth it in the end. This was a wall requiring my full attention however, I did have one of my team come in to help me from time to time”, said Robert.

“It was a great project to work on. I was able to call on my years of experience and wide range of skills to produce a quality result for the designer and builder. The thought that people will pass this house that says “Hello” to them for years to come is a nice feeling”, Robert concluded.

The Award was initiated by the Horbury Hunt Club and by request from architects and designers. Its purpose is to reward innovation and craftsmanship in brickwork and to recognise the contribution of architects, builders, bricklayers and manufacturers in that process.

The judges had high praise for the project. Presenting the Award to the architects responsible for the design was Neale Whitaker, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Living and Judge on The Block.

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Congratulations from all at ABBTF for a fabulous win, to all at R&K Fuchshofer Bricklaying.

Reading about Robert’s business success, you might like to consider What Makes a Good Bricklayer?, Benchmark for Bricklayer Contracting and the outstanding career opportunities that a Bricklaying apprenticeship provides.

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