‘Salt of the Earth’ Support from Bricklaying Industry at WorldSkills WA Made for a Great National Event
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Judges with caption_2The Bricklaying WorldSkills Perth 2014 competition has come and gone in the blink of an eye!

It was a wonderful exposé for Perth, WorldSkills and the greater bricklaying training industry in Western Australia.

Many people from other states and industries during the event, commented on just how organised and successful this particularly competition was. Truth be known it was due to the collective effort of a few good men and women from industry, WorldSkills and Government which made it come together to support the 14 regional competitors.

Eddie and Loris with captionAs such I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge all of those that have and are supporting the program in some way, shape or form.

The making of a successful event like this requires people, who may normally be market competitors, to come together as one for the greater good of industry and Australian youth. These people are not flag wavers or have agendas! They simply feel very strongly about supporting our industry (they know who they are).


WA competitor trioAll manner of tasks where successfully executed, whether it was announcing the speed test, maintaining the brick saws, judging, scribing, cleaning, setting up/down, involved in try-a-trade, time keeping, running to the hardware, training, mentoring, competing, sponsoring, it goes on and on and on.

The people involved at this level are the true salt of industry, worthy of our efforts in identifying and promoting the skills of bricklaying to others! You certainly make us proud to be West Australian/Australian!

In terms of the results of the National 2014 WorldSkills Competition, I think they reflect the hard work that has been put in locally to identify, train, mentor and nurture our boys. It was very pleasing to see all three complete the event in the top half of contenders.

For those that do not know the results, they are as follows:
Gold = Sam Spong NSW – will in all likelihood go to Brazil to represent Australia next year!
• Silver = Matt Cheso SA
Bronze = Nicholas Coci WA (Also won the Gun Trowel Trophy for the speed comp).


WA’s other competitors finished high in the final ranking at 5th Dylan Marsh, and 7th Sam Lewis. Well done guys, the extra training certainly paid off.

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Dean Pearson
ABBTF WA Manager

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