Saturday Bricklaying ‘Taster’ in Orange, an Outstanding Success
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CWMCA Members wth CaptionHi to all.  I’m Brendan Coyle, your new NSW ABBTF State Manager and I’m looking forward to keeping you up-to-date on what’s happening around the State from now on.  This is a great story because it’s about helping the industry connect with new potential bricklaying apprentices.

Country West MCA (CWMCA) recently organised a day for the local youths of Orange and surrounding areas to come along and experience bricklaying for a day, first hand.   The event achieved a great turn-out especially given it was a Saturday.  It was held at Towac Park Raceway at Orange, a first class venue for bricklaying trials.  19 young guys attended and participated in the construction of both piers and walls and a constructive experience was had by all.

Image 1We commend all involved from CWMCA and appreciate the time and effort put in by the local community.  ABBTF was pleased to use its Resources to support the event as an excellent way to introduce young people to the trade.

The day was very successful with all of the young participants excited to try bricklaying for the first time.  They were motivated enough to come along showing a great deal of eagerness and interest even though it was held on a weekend.  It was obvious from the feedback and enthusiasm they all went away feeling they had got something out of the day.

Image 2CWMCA members first built some brick walls and piers. They then gave the attendees the opportunity to get a trowel in their hand and have a go and, as well get a feel for other aspects of bricklaying and just have some fun.  Some of participants showed real ability and were hard to stop once they understood a few of the finer aspects of building each project.

Image 3At the completion of the day the CWMCA encouraged each participant to go back to their respective schools and enquire about furthering their bricklaying interest by contacting MCA or ABBTF and registering to complete a two week work experience course.  In that course, CWMCA will place them with one of its members so they can get an understanding of working on a site and a feel for whether bricklaying could be the right future for them.

Each of the CWMCA members who volunteered his time for the day was very satisfied with its success, which was a strategy that came from the NSW Skills Shortage meeting ABBTF convened back in late September.  As a group, they are willing and keen to expand these single day events into the two week course. CWMCA extended its appreciation to the ABBTF for our continued support.

As a result of this successful trial, CWMCA is keen to continue these one day demonstrations with another group of young participants.  It is clear that this approach is attracting a good level of interest.


Brendan Coyle

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