Short Course Sorts the Contenders from the Pretenders

Short Course Blog March 14

Following on from the success of the first Pre-Trade bricklaying course at the beginning of this year, ABBTF’s Queensland office has just finished its second, this time on Brisbane’s north side at Brendale.

The candidates get to try out bricklaying in a workshop environment, learn basic theory and are given background information about the bricklaying industry.  These short courses are proving to be a great tool for sorting out the people who really are serious about a bricklaying career.  Queensland Manager Tony Bishop says, ‘The two main benefits of these courses are that the candidates get to try out the trade in a supportive environment before committing to an apprenticeship and it’s a great way to sort the contenders from the pretenders.  It makes good business sense for employers’.

Trainer Brian Munns is very happy with the potential apprentices who have just completed the second pre-trade course. He says they all show tremendous potential and they can be confidently placed with employers now that they have acquired basic skills and know what will be expected of them on site.

There is no cost to candidates as the pre-trade courses are funded by the brick manufacturers’ and industries joint contribution in order to address the industry demand for work-ready bricklaying apprentices.  There are currently plenty of vacancies for apprentices and ABBTF assists candidates completing the course to find positions with employers.  Anyone interested in trying out bricklaying in one of our short courses can register their interest by sending an email and Resume to or by contacting the Queensland office on 1300 66 44 96.  More on the Apprenticeship

Tony Bishop
ABBTF Qld Manager

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