Skilled Migration to Add Quality Bricklayers to Australian Workforce

ABBTF CEO Geoff Noble with Lee WilsonThe recent Australian Government decision to reinstate bricklaying onto the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) from July 1, 2014 will enable international skilled bricklayers to apply for permanent visas to reside and work in Australia.

The decision recognises the growing skill shortage in bricklaying brought on by the increased level of construction activity, particularly in housing and the ongoing ageing of the bricklayer workforce.

Bricklayers should be aware that the decision is unrelated to Temporary Visas (457) which have always been available to sponsoring employers taking on less skilled workers for short durations. In fact, the 457 Visa number may reduce now that skilled bricklayers can apply for permanent visas, either via the independent (subclass 189) or sponsored (subclass 190) categories.

These visas are points tested and applicants need to satisfy a skills assessment equivalent to the full bricklaying qualification, Certificate III.

ABBTF welcomes this decision to add skilled bricklayers to the workforce at a time when apprentice numbers in training are the lowest for more than ten years.

The decision came as a result of a recommendation from Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency (AWPA) who analyse the labour market and training to identify skill shortages. ABBTF made a strong case for bricklaying to be added back to the SOL in a submission to AWPA earlier this year which was supported by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and Master Builders Australia (MBA).

Geoff Noble

24 Responses to “Skilled Migration to Add Quality Bricklayers to Australian Workforce”

  1. Brick work

    I am a professional bricklayer can you assist me or link me to a company in Australia…..Thank you

    • BAB

      Hello, There are options for qualified bricklayers to migrate to Australia on a temporary or permanent basis. You will need to have your skills assessed by VETASSESS, also check our website for visas which also includes a link to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for further information. You may also contact AJ Harris & Associates in Sydney 02 9484 6839 they are migration agents and can advise on the likelihood of a successful application.

  2. victor

    I need bricklayer job can you assist me or
    link me to a company in Australia. Am not currently in Australia.

    • BAB

      Hi Victor, please email your enquiry to include the information on your current location, bricklaying qualifications and experience and we will see if we can assist you.

  3. He Jun

    Dear Sir:
    would you have training courses for overseas people to sudy and get the bricklaying qualification, Certificate ? How long and how much to pay? I am 42 years old and with a architechure bechelor degree. I am not living in australia now.

  4. Vincenzo

    Hi, i am a italian bricklayer and i come in ours state for work. I miss a sponsor. Thank’s.

  5. Amankwanor Godson

    Hello sir
    Please am blocklayer ,i have work as masonry since 2002 to 2015 . Am Ghanaian nationality, but now resident in UAE for 4 years now . I was working with building maintenance company for 2 years i UAE .
    From 2013 to 2015 ,now working as waterblasting operator for metal pipe cleaning. Please can help me find job in Australia as blocklayer.
    Thanks you

  6. Tommy j. Gipson

    I’m from united states . Jones boro Arkansas to be exact. I am 40 yrs. Old. Have 20yrs. Experience. I currently work for R&G masonry. I can lay brick , block, rock, stone, precast, anything. Wanting job in Australia help me please

  7. Adeleke Michael

    Please sir I want to know if I can come to Australia for training as an apprentice in bricklaying and also the qualification, cost and number of years to spend.
    Thanks.I’m a Nigerian

  8. Jake Lingenfelter

    I have been a union bricklayer over 20 years and a foreman for about 6 years. I’m very interested in coming to Sydney to work as a bricklayer. What direction do i go?

    • BAB

      Hi Jake, I have emailed you. Please contact us again via reply email and I can pass on information for you. Sue

  9. Joe scott

    Hi there. I’m 18 years old and finishing my 3 year apprenticeship in bricklayer in the UK. I am keen to take a new adventure when I complete my apprenticeship! I would like to find out more information about bricklaying in Sydney AUS. And possible job opportunities in the future! Thanks for any information assisting with my question! Joe.

    • BAB

      Hi Joe,
      There are many employment opportunities in Sydney at the moment. We have emailed you separately regarding this. Thanks.

  10. Wayne

    Hi there, I am a 32 year old bricklayer in England and thinking about migrating to Perth Australia with my family, I’m fully qualified and was just wondering about pay and if there’s plenty of work?

  11. Marko

    Hi there. I m 45 years old brickplayer. Worked as brickplayer from year 1995 in nordic countrys Finland,Sweden and Norway.
    I m very intrested in coming work to Australia as a brickplayer. Marko

  12. jon wilson

    Hi I am 51 years old and a time served bricklayer with Advanced craft certificates,I have over 30 years experience in many different construction environments but main in new homes .I am just really enquiring to see if there is a real need for someone with my experience,the level of pay and what I would need to move over to Australia to work with my family
    Kind regards
    Jon Wilson

  13. Damian S

    Hi, I am a 39 year old bricklayer from the uk, can you tell me about what current opportunities there are for myself and family to make the move to Australia.

    thank you

  14. Rakibul Islam

    Hello Sir,

    I am from Bangladesh. I have 3 years experience of Bricklaying in our country. Is there any opportunity to work in Australia ? My wife has applied for a student visa on Master of Professional Accounting and I am planning to move with her as her partner. Can I work as a Bricklayer in Australia? Please give me a suggestion.

    Kind regards


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