Skills Training Process

There are three entry points to the Apprenticeship after the completion of Year 10:

  1. Find an employer willing to take on an apprentice, and participate in the training.
  2. Undertake a full time pre-apprenticeship training course at a recognised training organisation
  3. Enter at the Australian Schools Based Apprenticeship level at Year 11.

ABBTF can assist with identifying which entry point is appropriate in each situation.

TAFEs and other registered training organisations exist in all States for the completion of the four to seven weeks of annual offsite training.   Training calendars vary from State to State and training institute, with some at one day a week and others in blocks of one or two weeks at a time.   In remote locations, arrangements can be made for the normal offsite training to be assessed on the job.  Details of the training locations are shown in the State sections of this website.
There are also a range of financial incentives to help support a Bricklaying Apprenticeship, both for the young person (and the employer) – for example, contributions towards enrolment fees, State bonuses, wage top-ups, ‘Tools for Your Trade’ and possible travel allowance to training centres.

These can make a significant difference to the financial viability of the Apprenticeship.  Refer to the Incentives sub-sections of your State pages of this website, in the Apprentice Employment section for details or Contact Us (link) for guidance in understanding what is accessible for a particular student.  Also you may wish to review the Fair Work Model Award for further specific details.

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