St Petersburg Brickwork is Forever
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OK, let’s push on. This, in my opinion bricklaying-wise, is the most profound church in the world. It is the main church of St. Petersburg – Cathedral of the Resurrection or the Church of Spilt Blood.

This church is built on the site where Tsar Alexander the Great was executed. The extraordinary brickwork is phenomenal. It was started in 1883 and finally finished in 1907. It is one of the churches that covers all bricklaying applications to great lengths.

Image 1 Top left cornerImage 1 Top right corner - p1











It has huge vaults internally which carry all the roofing structure, structurally carrying hundreds of thousands of bricks, hundreds and hundreds of tonnes of weight, on walls one metre plus thick.

Image 3 Middle left - page 1

Image 3 Middle right - page 1Image 3 Middle middlet - page 1

The building shows brickwork in its full potential. Cast your eye over the external corner here and see the enormous amount of distance the brickwork is protruded out using corbelling and denture courses.

Image 6 bottom left - page 1Image 7 bottom middle - page 1Image 8 bottom right - page 1


Image 9 top left - page 2

Image 9 top right - page 2 T












OK, let’s have a look inside …

Image 11 bottom left - page 2

Image 11 bottom right - page 2

Absolutely marvellous – is an understatement, considering that every inch of this surface area, over 7,500 square metres, is actually made up of tiles no bigger than 10mm x 10mm. I call this the ‘Sistine Chapel of Tiling’.

As tradesmen we have to acknowledge tradesmanship in its finest. It doesn’t matter if you are a motor mechanic or a street sweeper; you have to recognise that this is definitely a magnificent tradesmanship feat. But not forgetting the outstanding backdrop (brickwork) which structurally supports the tiling and gives it the elegance in the brick vaulting and its massiveness (have to give the brickies a plus here).

Image 13  top left - page 3

Image 14 top right - page 3 T













This is an icon in every aspect – bricklaying, tiling, artistry and an architectural and engineering feat to achieve the profound aesthetic result. As a tradesman of over 40 years, I have to say the church’s intricacy is mind blowing. This is on of the most DAZZLING ICONS ever, so here are a couple of extra photos to enjoy.

Image 15 bottom left - page 3Image 16 bottom right - page 3








Peter Cartwright
Author of the book – Bricklaying the Art

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